Business Model

NDDS (Novel Drug delivery Systems)

At Unimark, we aim to offer differentiated formulations to fill in the gaps in the currently available therapies and enormous unmet health needs.
Unimark will focus to offer value added formulations through novel drug delivery systems aiming to foster innovation and improve patient compliance by dose reduction or reducing unwanted effects. ยท

Platform Technologies

Unimark believes in expanding its research capabilities in the area of developing platform technologies. In future, Unimark aims to invest in developing platform technologies that would enhance or modify release profiles to maximize therapeutic and commercial value of currently prescribed formulations.

Global Generics

Unimark is research- driven, vertically integrated pharmaceutical company with global presence. Moving up the value chain, Unimark is leveraging its vertically integrating potential to develop generic products for launch in key markets, including USA, Canada, Southeast Asia and various markets across Europe. Unimark operates its healthcare business through tenders, licensing, contract manufacturing and Joint ventures.

New Product Initiatives

Unimark is engaged in developing and aims in marketing combination products both in pharmaceuticals and neutraceuticals for India and Row markets. Unimark is interested in Allianz partners both for development and marketing of value added combination products.